July 22nd 2002, our guide, Stephen Jansen, Dustin Meeker and my brother and I arrived at Poza Cota a short drive north of Los Cabos. It was still dark when we reached the end of the sand road, just a few hundred yards from the surf line. While assembling our 11' surf rods, tying terminal tackle we talked over the morning's plan of attack. Though, late in the season, we were still anxious to battle a Roosterfish. We all snapped on "Cabo Killers", a surface lure made by Jansen Lures. Stephen took off to fish the rocky point (Poza Cota), a favorite spot with the "locals". I headed straight for the beach and after an hour of unrewarded casts, no sign of bait and no birds working, I thought to myself, there's nothing at the top of the water column, I wondered what's on the bottom?

Having seen a video a while back on surf fishing in Mazatlan, using a lead head jig with a "shad" skirt, "What the Hell", I snapped on a brown shad and threw the sucker out about a 100 yards, let it sink and began a slow retrieve. About 20 yards from the beach I felt a slight "tug", reacting, I pulled back on the rod, nothing, finishing the retrieve, I saw a "croaker" that looked like it had been half skinned??? I made a second cast, as before, and again about twenty yards from the beach came the "tug" this time when lifting the rod high, all Hell broke lose - whatever was on, pulled 100 yards of drag in an instant. I'd gain line and then the fish would pull harder and so it went. The battle lasted well into fifteen minutes. I finally got a good angle on the fish and got it up on the beach, still not sure what I had caught, I lifted the fish and turned toward my brother, who videoed the episode with his Cannon XL-1. "Louis it's a Snook"! "Great fish looks like it could go twenty or thirty pounds". "What are you going to do with it? John questioned… I thought to myself, Hell, I'll release it and see if I can catch another.

While releasing my snook, I shouted out to Stephen, who was some two hundred yards up the beach, SNOOK! Granted, he's 28-years old, but he covered the distance in what seamed like two seconds. He, while still on a dead run, casted some hundred twenty yards out. Retrieving line slowly, and at the "magic" twenty-yard distance, he too got struck. After a lengthy battle, Stephen lands his snook, its looks well over thirty pounds.





My brother, Dustin, and myself are now madly casting and retrieving the same "shad" lures. I get hooked up a second time and land what would become the Men's 10KG line class world record, weighing thirty-eight pounds. My brother hooks up on a thirty-four pounder. Stephen gets hooked up with a real monster, as the fish straightened the hook on the first run and is gone. Then, as fast as the Ocean gave up Her fish, all went quite!





While reminiscing the days fishing sitting on the sand bluff above the high water line the four of us realized what had occurred. Four twenty-five plus pound Pacific Black Snook in less than an hour! Stephen remarked, "Fishing Los Cabo's since 1996 and I've never witnessed such a day". I'll wager, in our life time we'll never have a day like this one".

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